As a responsible businessman Jeff feels it’s incumbent on him to make his company the most environmentally responsible power washing company in the nation and has implemented the following steps to further that philosophy.

  • We use oil additives and proper tune-ups in all our power wash machines and vehicles to maximize engine performance and reduce fuel consumption, this reduced our fuel consumption by over 15% compared to our 1995 consumption.
  • We installed special switches on our machines that turn the heaters off when we are rinsing. This cut our diesel fuel consumption by 42% as compared to 2002.
  • Our detergent usage was reduced by 60% by utilizing hot water and detergent injection.
  • Hot water accelerates the detergents thereby allowing us to use less detergent. This also translates to less water usage for rinsing and has reduced the amount we use to rinse and average house by 40%.
  • We recycle our used oil and oil filters as well as our normal recycling of house hold waste.
  • We are also constantly updating our power washers and methods to be on the cutting edge of environmentally safe power washing.
  • Providing our employees and customers with a safe work environment free of toxic or harsh chemicals and reducing our carbon foot print and water usage are part of our long heritage of responsible environmental stewardship.

All of these efforts, although small, translate into a better, safer environment for everyone and reduce our costs thereby creating savings for our customers.


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