Don't Let this guy on your roof Cleaning a roof is something that most home owners are scared to do and rightfully so since doing the job incorrectly can cost thousands of dollars in roof replacement and even worse, there is a high risk of falling. Anytime you mix soapy water with a steep pitched roof and then throw walking into the mix, you are really asking for trouble. The dangers associated with roof cleaning are far greater than what you save by attempting to do this type of exterior cleaning on your on.

You should think about what cleaners need to be used when cleaning roofs. This is an important step to successfully cleaning a roof without causing damage to the shingles or other parts of your home like the siding or even the landscaping around your home. Professional roof cleaning products will satisfy those needs and don’t require high pressure to get a roof clean. With the proper cleaners and knowledge about soft washing, a roof can be cleaned safely with no pressure

Now that you have some information of how and what is involved in cleaning roofs, do you still think this is a do-it-yourself project? My guess is no. An easier alternative for people who live in the South Shore area is to contact a professional with roof cleaning services to do the work for you.

At Jeff’s Power Washing Inc. We know how to clean your roof safely and with a reduced amount of lost shingle granules. Many power washing companies use high pressure exceeding 3000Psi on your Roof causing lost shingle granules and many cases removing whole shingles. At  Jeff’s We have invested countless Time And Money In education of the proper ways to clean all types of surfaces And the way we clean roofs is with low pressure not exceeding 60 psi. For job done right give us a call today: 508-484-3879


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