Fleet Washing

Why Use a Mobile Fleet Washing Service

  • Saves time and money Using our service is about the same cost as going to the car wash or truck wash. You save on your labor and fuel.
  • Your vehicles advertise for you Every day thousands of people see your vehicles and a clean vehicle tells your customer that you take pride in what you do.
  • Your drivers Every one of us who own or manage a fleet knows how hard it is to get our drivers to maintain our vehicles. When we wash them, our drivers see we take pride in our fleet. So will they.

Why Use Jeff’s Power Washing, Inc.

  • At Jeff’s, we are always on time and friendly
  • We use only professional grade biodegradable chemicals to keep your fleet looking its best.
  • All vehicles are hand brushed to ensure all road film is removed.
  • Jeff or his operation manger is on every job site to ensure every wash meets our high quality  standard
  • Our pricing is very competitive
  • We are dedicated to customer service because your Image is our image


We also wash cars

Let Jeff’s keep your car lot looking like every car just rolled off the factory floor.

We use a wash and wax detergent that keeps your car sparkling.

We can detail your wheels so that even old tires look new.

Heavy Equipment Not a problem!

We come right out to your job site and will clean all the grease and grime from your bulldozers, tractors and loaders.

Radiator blow out to keep your equipment running cool.